Collections Description

- Lumina -
This impressive collection is inspired by light in all its forms and colors, delving into the universe of more is more with asymmetric designs where the brightness has no limit. With this collection Sebastián Isabelino wanted to bring to every woman a sophisticated and daring glamour plus without any consideration, only worry about flashes.
Hand-made translucent resins one by one in our own laboratory bring a contemporary air, fresh and distinguished together with the Austrian crystals of radiant colors endowed with an exquisite shine.
Definitely a collection that leaves no one indifferent.
- Liberté -
Using French Marianne coins from 1898 and 1932, Sebastián Isabelino was inspired to create our Liberté collection. These jewels represent all women who struggle in one way or another every day to move forward with independence and determination, adapting to life changes, breaking chains and shining on them.
As if it were a puzzle, the designer plays with shapes and "voids" to create a new reality where Marianne is no longer captivated in her own currency, but is free. Marianne, the symbol that falls in love with us for her firm ideals: freedom, equality and fraternity.
- Huella -
Each of us has our own brand and fingerprint. Therefore, the pieces of our Huella collection are inspired by the uniqueness of the grooves, making the pieces remain impregnated forever inside and attesting the definitive character of the scars of time.
For this collection Sebastián Isabelino has used the lost wax technique, molding it by hand and implementing different techniques to achieve these textures. As a final clasp, these designs incorporate the exquisite Austrian crystals, which represent the successes achieved in the life of each woman.